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Clover alloy wheel cleaner is a cleaning solution that has been specially formulated to assist in the removal of grime, grease and dirt from alloy wheels.

This alloy wheel cleaning solution comes in a 5L container which can then be poured out into a smaller container or bucket at the time of cleaning. This clover product is an exceptional alloy wheels cleaner and is recommended for use whenever you have the need to clean any type of dirt or grease from alloy wheels.

The Alloy wheel cleaner from Clover is most suited to the following industries and scenarios:

  • Automotive industries
  • Transport industries
  • Car valeting
  • Car garages where customers vehicles are often cleaned

An alloy wheel cleaner for commercial and domestic environments

Although this product has been designed with commercial use in mind it can also be used for domestic purposes such as for cleaning the alloy wheels on your own personal vehicle.

The alloy wheel cleaner will not only keep your alloy wheels free from dirt and grime but it also helps your wheels to look clean and new - this is a very effective way to improve the overall look and feel of your car, van or other vehicle and it is the perfect addition to a clean car.

What the allow wheel cleaner will remove

  • Grease
  • Dirt
  • Break dust
  • Rust
  • Mud
  • Other types of soiling

Alloy wheel cleaning instructions

Brush away loose dirt and grime

Before you apply hte alloy wheel cleaner you should brush away any loose dirt with a stiff brush or a cloth. This will allow the alloy wheel cleaning fluid to make better contact with the alloy wheels and to work efficiently on the tougher dirt and grime on the surface of the wheels.

Applying the alloy wheel cleaner

Once you have removed as much of the loose dirt as possible you should apply Clover alloy wheel cleaner using a brush or sponge. This will be made easier by pouring a small amount of the alloy wheel cleaner into a shallow dish or tray, from which you can then scoup up the liquid onto your brush before applying it to your alloy wheel.

Allow 10 minutes of contact time

After you have applied cleaner to your alloy wheels the alloy wheel cleaning solution should be left for around 10 minutes in order for it to work on breaking down the dirt, grease and dust on the wheel.

After this time you can wash away the cleaner along with the loosened dirt using clean water.

Once you have washed the wheel you should be left with a clean finish.

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Manufacturer Clover
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