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This microfibre cloth is ideal for cleaning a large range of surfaces including floors, worktops, kitchentops, food preparation surfaces, cars and many other surface types.

This product comes as a pack of 10 microfibre cloths in a range of colors. If you need more than 10 clothes you can also purchase this product in multiples - with additional discounts available.

What is microfibre?

Microfibre is a type of material that is made from polyester and nylon conjugated into a yarn.

The great benefit of using microfibre as a cloth material over other types of fibre centers around teh fact that it has remarkable levels of absorbtion, softness and also heat retention. These features make the microfibre cloth ideal for cleaning.

Microfibre is also a very fine material - infact it is 1/100 the size of a human hair. Microfibre is made from a triangular section of thread. This allows microfibre clothes to absorb dust into itself in an extremely efficient way whilst also causing no damage at all to the surfaces that it cleans. This makes microfibre clothes very well suitable to delecate surfaces such as the surface of your car or highly polished food preparation surfaces.

Other advantages of using a microfibre cloth

  • They are easy to use, provide superior cleaning result.
  • Labour cost cut down.
  • Environmentally friendly, No need of chemicals.
  • High durability, can be washed and re-used up to 500 times.

Clean without chemicals

Cleaning without chemicals is a concept that focuses on environmental friendliness as well as education on how to effectively clean surfaces, often without the need for chemical cleaners.

Using the clean without chemicals concept you will save time, money, help our environment and reduce risks to health and safety.


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